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Get a visual idea of the current tasks in the Jira with the "Calendar for Jira" plugin.
Are you planning a major project? Meeting with the team? Keep track of external events? All this will help to do the Calendar extension for Jira.

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Often, you miss something important because your colleague called you to a meeting in a way that is convenient for him but not for you. The plugin uses the Jira user base, with already specified time zones and current user emails. So you can never go wrong when planning a meeting with a colleague from the other side of the world.

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e Matrix

Prioritization is one of the most important factors in quality project management.
We have prepared for you a simple but very effective tool for prioritizing your tasks, projects, cases, etc.

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Timeline for Jira

If you are tired of monstrous instruments overloaded with functionality, where the main idea is lost, and the entry threshold for working with the instrument is prohibitively high - our timeline is for you. A timeline that displays the scope of your tasks, with only the information you need, as well as with instant planning by dragging and dropping blocks.

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